Chess Was: The PBS Blues Series

Mon Oct 6 19:17:28 EDT 2003

Joe wrote in part:
I am
> sure he is proud of his father, I think he could have worded it a little
> better.  I doubt very seriously than any alien that finds the Chuck
> Berry record is going to give a rat's ass that it was produced by a
> Jewish immigrant from Poland.  His people overcame some serious
> obstacles, but so did the people that the Chess brothers recorded.
In Cohodas' book on Chess, Spinning Blues into Gold, it seems to me that
Marshall believed he'd get control over the label when his father retired.
But then dad sold the label to GRP.  However messed up Marshall may have
been before this, I'm sure this screwed him up afterwards.  I kinda got the
feeling some of this was payback, but mostly just don't mention this part.
I dunno.  Maybe dad knew how screwed up his son was...As for the Chess
family overcoming some serious obstacles, I have no argument.  But for the
people whom Chess recorded overcoming their obstacles, you may get an


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