PBS's The Blues

Bill Salmon billsalmon4@yahoo.com
Mon Oct 6 19:06:47 EDT 2003

"Holland K. Smith" answered my post about scheduding
the blues series against the baseball playoffs with,
if i may paraphrase:

not many people who are serioiusly into the blues are
into pro sports, himself included, and he was glad to
have something else to watch.

i agree smitty, but is the point of such a special
just catering to the serious blues fans?

while my experience may be different from others, some
of the men i work with, who are... well, not die hard
bluesers, but do like the blues... chose the games.

they otherwise may have chosen the blues.

i am sorry that i put it so badly, commenting on the
"geniuses at pbs".

however, i feel that a great opportunity to educate
the general blues fan was lost.

bill salmon

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