The PBS Blues Series

Joe Lempkowski
Mon Oct 6 11:50:19 EDT 2003

I don't agree that Marshall Chess is the "the Lisa Marie Presley of the
blues."  Lisa Marie Presley has enough talent to get some CD's out and
play the Fillmore.  I am doubtful Marshall Chess could do the same.
After thinking it over, I found the show to be entertaining, but I will
never agree that the Electric Mud album was groundbreaking in any way,
shape or form.  The music sounded far to processed and over the top even
for the time.

One thing that sort of bugged me was the whole comment and his family
being Jewish immigrants from Poland.  New immigrants always face tough
challenges and have to bust their ass to make it in life.  I respect
that, but the way he stated it was almost a putdown to his people.  I am
sure he is proud of his father, I think he could have worded it a little
better.  I doubt very seriously than any alien that finds the Chuck
Berry record is going to give a rat's ass that it was produced by a
Jewish immigrant from Poland.  His people overcame some serious
obstacles, but so did the people that the Chess brothers recorded.

I suspect by the time that thing lands somewhere near an alien
civilization that it is unlikely that they will have any turntables to
play it on.  I hope they put a record player and some batteries on
Voyager, too.  We made a lot of assumptions putting that stuff on their
and sending it out into space.  I just hope it doesn't piss off the
aliens thinking that we sent our garbage to their planet.


P.S. My descendants were immigrants from Poland and Ireland.  What could
be better than that? :-)

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