Thanks you, PBS

J.J. Perry
Sun Oct 5 18:44:39 EDT 2003

And considering how happy everyone was with it, this is probably
all blues fans deserve. Now we can crawl back into our little cave.

Oh well, I suppose it beats Dungeons and Dragons or Star Trek ...


"Blues Shot"

On Sun, 5 Oct 2003, c. n. wrote:

> >From: "J.J. Perry" <>
> >Now that we've actually seen all seven films in the Blues
> >series, I think it would be a good move to put aside our
> >own biases and send a thank you to PBS. I'm sure they're
> >getting a lot of feedback (positive and negative), but
> >they deserve praise.
> >
> Ok, praise be unto them (and yeah, i'm facing the delta when i say it....).
> >Frankly, they didn't have to air any of the series. The
> >fact that they did is a step in the right direction for blues,
> >misunderstood and ignored for too long.
> >
> Huh? The series was underwritten by Volkswagon. Correct me if I am wrong,
> but I think that somehow or another that translated into money for PBS. I do
> know they are selling the series CDs at their website for $18.98.  That's
> sort of steep (dont you agree), steep enough that a purchase should more
> than adequately say "thanks." Do ya get a kiss? You should,
> but check the fine print anyway.  chuck
> >Maybe one of the listowners here would like to send a message
> >of thanks on behalf of the blues-l, with an encouraging note
> >to continue to explore this music beyond "The Year of the Blues."
> >
> I have a sneaky feeling that many will consider this Yr Of The Blues deal
> our fair share for awhile. In other words, once this fanfare dies down,
> we're on our on again.
> chuck
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