er, um, i'll have what he's smokin'. . .

c. n.
Sun Oct 5 10:37:46 EDT 2003

> > Joanna and I started a fest 3 years back to start a 501 charity fund for
> > blues down here cuz no one was helping take care of our guys in Texas
> > surrounding states.

Easy there. That's not an entirely
accurate statement. I've always tried to what little I can, when I can (like
putting out records on some when they barely tour, a sure recipe for being
lucky to break even). I have had 'em live with me, gave them money, gotten
them into rehab, birth certificates etc....and then there's all the help
Hash Brown has generously given to so many in the blues community. There are
several Blues DJs who work for nothing (every week, for yrs now), that has
help the the local artists. Then there are all those who havve been helped
out by Clifford Antone over the years.  As far as surrounding states, well,
my guess is Jerry Pillow, and some of those folks at the Sonny Boy Blues
Society up in Helena have gone beyond the call of duty for more than a few.
My point is that just because some of us have opted to do it out of our own
pockets, doesn't mean that some of us weren't trying to help those who we
treasure most.  Just wanted to clear that up...and as always,
I'm with ya!     chuck

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