King Biscuit Fest: Blues-L MEET'n'GREET

Steve Hoffman
Sun Oct 5 09:53:34 EDT 2003

Okay - here's my suggestion for a time and place for
Blues-L folks to meet and greet each other during
next weekend's King Biscuit Blues Festival (Helena,

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 10 -- 5:00 PM, in front of the Delta
Cultural Center's museum (the old Missouri Pacific
train depot, at 92 Missouri Street).   Easy to find
-- it's a freestanding building that looks just like
an old train station.  And it's just a block away
from the Main Stage.   (It's very near the blues
mural on the Helena levee wall.)  It's on Missouri
Street between Yazoo Street & the levee.

     Note - this is the Delta Cultural Center's
     museum, on MISSOURI Street (NOT the Delta
     Cultural Center's other building, which is
     the Visitor Center on Cherry Street.  The
     Visitor's Center is the place with the
     Delta Sounds room music exhibits and "King
     Biscuit Time" radio studio).  The museum
     at the train depot is the one with  the
     history exhibits.

One advantage of the DCC museum at the train depot
is that if it's raining (yes, it's happened before)
we can go around the SIDE of the building where we
escape the rain underneath an overhang.

5:00 PM Friday seems like a good time to me for a
number of reasons.  Of course we'll stick around for
a bit, probably 'til about 5:45.

I'll try and hold some sort of sign or poster than
says BLUES-L.   Also, I'll have my cell phone with
me (202-213-1977).

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