er, um, i'll have what he's smokin'. . .
Sun Oct 5 09:47:34 EDT 2003

Thanks for the support Chuck! We love ya, no matter what they say about
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> >From: Vince Cheney <>
> >God, that's got to be the worst damn cover photo I've ever seen in my life.
> >Dick, is that your photo (joking). I hope that's NOT what look "Smokin Joe"
> >was going for in the pose. Anyway, I got a laugh out of it (I hope it was
> >intended with humor).
> Vince, I am not certain, but I do believe that's an illustration rather than
> a photo.
> I'm guessing the SouthWestBlues team was going for something that would
> get your attention, and you have to admit, if you were to see this
> publication
> in a stack at your local bluesclub, you'd probably be curious as to what the
> story on
> this one was.
> Besides, the two that run the operation are often as humerous as
> they are commited (and i mean that in a positive, they don't try to be the
> serious
> "holy grail" of blues publications, kinda way). Just a week ago they rasied
> a whole
> bunch of moolah to help local down and out artists. One HUGE project that
> they
> are trying to coordinate is coming up with the funds for Henry Qualls a set
> of teeth.
> His are seriously bad, and threatening his health (if you know anything
> about how serious
> oral infections often lead to heart and other health problems, you can
> realize this isn't
> simply a vanity thing). So, I am certain that if any of you good people
> would like to
> CONTRIBUTE to the cause (and the etimated cost of 18K to pull 'em out and
> replace
> them with dentures) through their TAX DEDUCTABLE organization, they ALL
> would be
> most appreciative...especially Mr Henry Qualls!
> As Henry would and often does say, "He may not be the bestest blues man, but
> he will do his bestest for you." Now all we have to figure out is willl the
> blues community return the favor, or simply sit by and let indifference
> claim another man, a really good man. I have faith, and sincerely hope, that
> this is one of those "where there is a will, there is a way" situations.
>    chuck

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