NBC: Mike Suffern - I'm Back (and Blue) - Hello Old Friends!

Ouranos Metaphysics (Mike 'Sunny' Suffern-Smith) ouranosmeta@juno.com
Sun Oct 5 08:37:26 EDT 2003

Hey y'all,

Been away from the net [blues-l], jammin' and socializing for a few years.
(Refresher: Chicago Blues guitarist (back in Joliet), vocalist, harp, keys,
songwriter - SoundTravels Blues and Jazz tour company [we specialized in
E.C. at R.A.H. and Euro JazzFests] - Software Engineer/Web Head/Java
Pioneer - passionately into 50's Chicago Electric Blues!).

I'm unemployed, lost the 2nd house, getting divorced 2nd time (Gemini's
fate?), pawned my studio yrs. ago and my Classic 30 tube amp and my Strat
(got a nice Epi Les Paul Jr. w/ 1 P-90 though! and my PC studio gear), got
mugged and pistol whipped after a 4th of July party - when I get the broken
collarbone surgically re-broken and re-set I hope to get the feeling back
in my left hand so I can play Guitar again (may have to learn to play

The good news is I finally got my back injury correctly diagnosed and
treated so now I'm on Dilaudid and Oxycodone, found my bio-sister but mom
died a year earlier, launching my Astrology, Tarot and Healing Biz,
planning on starting an org here to promote the Blues in Joliet - want to
get a friend who owns a disused funeral home on Rt. 66 downtown to open it
as a Blues club (any Name ideas? "The Dead End"?), and I've written a *lot*
of new songs lately.

Got my Blues bonafides nickname - 'Sunny' working at Guitar Center. There
were too many Mikes. I was born at Cook County Hospital but from 8 on I
grew up in Joliet. Every Bluesdude in Joliet calls himself 'Joliet'
something so that possibility just stunk. I used to live in the
neighborhood we call Sunnyland after my first divorce so I took Sunny.
Maybe it'll counteract the jinx from being named Suffern - Lord knows I've
been. And my bio-mom was named Smith so Sunny 'Sunnyland' Suffern-Smith it
is. Besides "The Sufferin-Smith Blues Band" has a nice move on it, huh?

Also, looking for a Libra or Libra rising or Libra Venus or Neptune
songwriting partner, pref  player, male or female, in or would move to Chicago.

Also, looking for two other lead guitarists and a drummer (everybody
rotates on bass - virtuosity!) or a real honkin' Bass player who wants to
play six string slinger once in a while for working Blues Band specializing
in hard core 50's Electric Blues style up to Humble Pie, Zeppelin, Santana,
Allman Bros., and SRV - tough stuff! - raw and raunchy, boogie, tears and
shivers. No Uptown Blues!

Goals: Passionate Performance of kick ass music to initiate Nirvana and
tear up audiences, live recording of great originals plus old tunes,
royalties for everybody, and play together till we drop dead.

So what's up zellers?

Mike / Sunny

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