Cubs versus The Blues Part 3--thank God for the VCR!!

Jef Jaisun
Thu Oct 2 22:41:53 EDT 2003

 >On 1 Oct 2003 05:34:26 -0700, wrote:
 >>      I had to keep swtiching back and forth between the game and the
 >>play-off   last night.  The bits  I saw of the latter made me happy ;
 >>of the former ,  even more so.... ii not (Chicago Cub)  BLUE !!!

You think you got troubles? Man, let me tell you about my blues. Yesterday
afternoon my entire cable went dead! That meant no ESP games, no A's-Bosox
historical suicide squeeze marathon, no Cubbies, nada. Fortunately, I
discovered a way to turn my cable wire into a local antenna, and
(amazingly) the best station I could receive was the PBS outlet. Two hours
of wiggly, squiggly, out of focus blues movie, ditto for the Muddy Waters
"American Masters" show that preceded it.

Today I found out what happened to the cable. Comcast shut it off! Why?
Because my kid, who had a dedicated cable modem in his crib, moved out
three months ago and didn't pay his bill. So the hose-heads at Comcast
mistakenly shut my line off, not his. Guess whose muddy shoes are gonna be
teaching which kid what the blues is all about real soon. ;)


   Photographing the Year of the Blues

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