The Blues 2nd Act a mixed bag

Cathi Norton
Wed Oct 1 08:57:39 EDT 2003

Scott Wrote:

> BTW, did anyone else notice that both the narrator and John Mayall (in his
> song about JB) continually pronounced JB's last name "lan-WAH", even though
> JB himself pronounced it "len-NOR"?

I've always been such a big Lenoir fan, but never really knew how he
pronounced his last name.  I hung with the French-sounding interpretation,
but when I heard JB himself say "Le Nore" I knew.

Reminded me of Yank Rachel.  He used to play coy about whether it was
"Rah-Shell" or Ray-chell" -- yet when you caught him introducing himself,
he always said "Ray-chell."

Cathi N.

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