The Blues part 3 - aka the Bobby Rush Show

Wed Oct 1 07:26:56 EDT 2003

> Hey maybe I'm a little behind the times. Like I said, Bobby seems like a
> great guy, but the harmonica playing I heard was average(if I heard more I
> might change my mind) and his singing has NEVER moved me like BB, Muddy,
> John Lee, J.B.(not even close after last night) and the rest. The thing I
> think that is silly are those backup dancers, hell they don't even sing
> that I could tell. It just seemed like a bunch of jive. John Lee or Muddy
> didn't need that in their live shows. Even the unsung heros that you speak
> of are better IMHO than that.
> Pat B
> Bring BB on for the 76th time
This is the same argument House makes about Patton.  Patton entertained.
The same difference between Wolf and Muddy.  Bobby Rush has a couple of fly
girls, a wardrobe, and a few gimmicks.  There are armies of rock bands
present and past full of that stuff.  Lots of people like it.  You don't.
Fine.  Seems to me one time I saw Little Milton with a "fly girl" once a
while back.  Damn she was gorgious, too.  I still see there being two camps
of the blues: House on one side, Patton on the other; Muddy on one side,
Wolf on the other...Personally, I favor the Patton/Wolf/Bobby Rush side of

To steal a line from HB: "It's all good."

PS Didn't Ike just crush that whammy bar?  Damnnnnn.....

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