The Blues part 3 - aka the Bobby Rush Show

Walter Potter
Wed Oct 1 00:38:06 EDT 2003

In one show Bobby takes you from down home country blues to a more
modern funked up blues. Maybe the funked up part with the synth doesn't
meet his criteria. Maybe it's the show aspect with the booty dancers.
Whatever anyone wants to label it, it is pure Chitlin Circuit stuff.

If all you've seen of Bobby is his festival show, then you've missed a
lot of what he can do. I sat in Dave's CC Club in Tallahassee with all
of about twelve people watching Bobby do three full sets. He blew a lot
more harp that night. I'll never forget it.

Speaking of Dave's CC, BB King flew into town some years back to visit
his daughter at FCI (prison) and asked somebody along the way where he
could hear some blues. They told him about Dave's and he just dropped
in. You have to understand that Dave's CC, now the Bradfordville Blues
Club, is a juke joint at the end of a dirt road. Damn I wish I had been
there that night. I also heard tonight that he was once helicoptered up
across the Georgia line to JB's Barbeque. Must have been before his
vegitarian conversion.

J.J. Perry wrote:
> I guess that all depends on where you're coming from.
> What is your definition of the blues, and how does Bobby Rush
> not meet the criteria?
> J.J.
> "Blues Shot"
> On Tue, 30 Sep 2003, JC wrote:
>>Ok, I saw Bobby Rush  years back at Buddy Guy's in Chicago. I was hoping it
>>was the last time I would ever see him.
>>Oh well.
>>Can anybody explain to me why this guy warranted so much screen time? Or why
>>he is considered a bluesman (seriously, feel free to educate me...)? What I
>>saw in Chicago from Bobby - and last night - wasn't the blues, in my humble
>>opinion. The preacher at the church was closer. Bobby seems like a nice
>>enough guy, and he's certainly entertaining, but please...
>>I just don't get it...

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