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Joel Fritz
Tue Jan 28 12:57:25 EST 2003

I've read the posts in this thread up to 9:30 Pacific time.  People ought to
be able to profit from their original creations.  Technology screws
everything up.  The printing press, recording, copy machines, now digital
storage and the internet.  Seems to me the copyright laws are always a step
behind technology.  It's like Spy vs. Spy.

It sounds trite, but what people need to do is concentrate on how they can
profit from new means of storage and distribution.  Most everything I've
seen so far has been an effort to put the genie back in the bottle.

I subscribed to e-music because I don't mind paying for a three month shot
at downloading every JSP, Prestige, Yazoo...record I can think of.  I'm
happy to pay for the convenience of knowing that the stuff is available on
demand and that the content is as described.  I'd pay more for higher
quality audio, liner notes, and cover art.  I see it as worth more than the
file sharing networks where I might be able to find the same things for

I hope the Library of Congress gets to archive everything at a moderate fee.
If they distribute it, they should pay royalties.

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> > Read this on the net today.  Wonder what they will
> > decide what to save first?  Also, it looks like there
> > may be a job in there somewhere for all you electronic
> > wizards out there.
> >
> >
> p_en_mu/saving_sounds
> There was a story on All Things Considered this afternoon.
> The people at the Library of Congress expect to have more
> problems getting copyright clearances than anything else,
> assuming the source material is still available.
> But an incredible amount of music has been lost in the
> last century, much of it in recent times.  Tapes deteriorating
> or masters lost for one reason or another.
> Fred D.
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