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Usually, no artist gets any mo money until the advance is realized by the
investor, record company or other.  Then money is payed on a
schedule accoring to share of sales.

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> I was always under the impression that when you sign the recording
> you are compensated in some way.  Otherwise why do it.  I realize you have
> royalty rights, but I hardly think they are downloading Iron Mike
> on napster or whatever in record numbers.  How much do you think it has
> you?  My point in the original post was only that the use of 'starving
> artist' was not accurate.

Most people playing a livin get heir money from a variety of sources...gig
money, part time job, t-shirt sales, record sales, royalties, grants, girl
friends, patrons, students, mom and dad.. every little bit helps.  When
someone would tip the band  10 or twenty bucks I used to say thanks for
gasoline, it really helps. and it does.

When your clicking on all cylinders life is good. when you are living
cheaply, a hundred bucks
is half a weeks pay and has impack..  in that way things seem insignificant
to one are immense to others.

Personally,  I don't care how one obtains my music, long as they understand
what is happenning
with the music.  To me that is the only thing of importance.

ED v

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