Playlist:Voodoo Healin' 10th anniversary show

Kevin Doyle
Sat Jan 18 12:26:47 EST 2003

Kevin Doyle                                             Sat. Jan 11 03
100.3 CKMS-FM
200 University Ave. W.
Waterloo, ON
N2L 3G1
Canada                                          C- Canadian  *- New Release
 1:Snooky Pryor &.../Electro - Fi Blues/SP & his Mississippi Wreckin Crew*/Electro-fi
 2:Joe Louis Walker/It Hurts me Too/Pasa Tiempo*/Evidence
 3:Big Daddy G C/Honey Bee Buzz/Blue Sound*/Reggie's records
 4:Donald Ray Johnson C/Slow Down Baby/Pure Pleasure*/Mar Vista
 5:Jimmy Bowskill C/interview with/Live to Air/Vudu productions CKMS
 6:Jimmy Bowskill C/Kind Hearted Woman/Live to Air/Vudu prod. CKMS
 7:Jimmy Bowskill C/Feels so Good/Live to Air/Vudu prod. CKMS
 8:Jimmy Bowskill C/Big Spider Blues/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
 9:Jimmy Bowskill C/Stones in my Passway/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
10:Jimmy Bowskill & Dave Mowat C/Crossroads/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
11:Jimmy Bowskill & Po' Charlie C/Time to Ramble/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
12:Julian Fauth, Po' Charlie, Dave Mowat & Jimmy Bowskill C/Yellow Dog/Live to Air/Vudu CKMS
13:Po' Charlie, Julian, Dave & Jimmy C/Further on Down the Road/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
14:Dave Mowat, Charlie & Julian C/Wake Up Baby/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
15:Po' Charlie, Julian Fauth, Dave Mowat & J. Bowskill C/That's All Right/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
16:Michael Pickett C/Lose Your Money/SOLO*/Wooden Teeth
17:Sauce Boss/I Don't Want No Whiskey/Sky Blues*/Burning Discs
18:Lightnin' Hopkins/I Love My Bisciuts/Mighty Crazy*/Cross Cut
19:Dave Mowat C/interview with/Live to Air/Vudu productions CKMS
20:Beverlie Robertson C/Heart's & Sorrow/Live to Air/Vudu Productions CKMS
21:Dave Mowat C/Don't let the Right Hand Know What the Left Hand is Doing/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
22:Julian Fauth C/Winter of 99/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
23:Poor Charlie C/Baltimore/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
24:Julian Fauth C/Razorblades/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
25:Dave Mowat C/Jesus Won't You Come Be Here/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
26:Beverlie Robertson C/Crazy Blues/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
27:Poor Charlie C/Death Letter/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS
28:Julian Fauth C/Cobalt/Live to Air/Vudu Prod.CKMS
29:Dave Mowat C/Peggy Day/Live to Air/Vudu Prod. CKMS

Kevin Doyle
100.3 CKMS FM 95.5 rogers cable

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