Career Development Was: how do you spell love?

Sal Stevens
Mon Jan 13 16:22:38 EST 2003

  I went to the website...I love this guy's bio...goes to show that career
development in the blues biz is a self taught thang - getting involved in as
many activities as possible - ain't no colleges that teach this stuff ...ya
gotta go to the school of life.....

--- "c.n." <cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> Bobby Patterson spells it M.O.N.E.Y! (you may have heard the T-Birds
> cover).
> I wish you all lived in Dallas, where you could listen to Bobby Patterson
> DJ m-f mornings on KKDA-AM SOUL 73 (730). He is one funny (and talented)
> cat, calls himself the blues poet, and rhymes right on time , more often
> than not. One of his favorites lately is, "I'll be all over you like white
> on rice, like cold on ice, like dots on dice."
> He's got himself a website going on at .
> chuck
> btw, when SRV was on Arsenio, he was asked what he listened to back home,
> and he said when he was in Dallas he always listened to KKDA!
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