Terroristic Threats From A Listmom

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Jan 12 19:17:36 EST 2003

Well, it has finally went over the line, imo. I just received a threat
from a listmom that he will "kick my ass," that he "will make me bleed."
This, all because I responded to one of his posts in a way that he didn't
like. My post may have questioned a couple of blanket statements that
he made, but I don't feel it justified a terroristic threat from anyone,
especially someone who is supposed to exhibit some sort of self control.

Aren't terroristic threats illegal in most states? Especially for
parolees? I probably wouldn't be alarmed, but the guy has been down the
river two or three times, has been on THIS list saying he's been stabbed
AND shot (i don't doubt it, but it may have been his way of intimadating
some of us) I would like to see him removed from having any sort of
control over anyone, that is far beyond what even I should have to be
subjected to.

BTW, I will protect myself with whatever force is needed (and that's a big
broad band in Texas), if he shows up threatening me....so he's been warned.

I have been saying that he's had it in for me since he was on the streets
last time, but now I can prove it. Thanks,   chuck

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