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Though I never cared for the disco bit that The Bee Gees performed, I have
one antecdote regarding their extremely popular success.

In about 1978, in the heighth of their chart-topping power, I was working in
security at Portland's Memorial Coliseum when The Bee Gees played town. I
was posted in the pit, that space in front of the stage with a short opening
walled off in front of the crowd. It would've never occurred to me that we'd
ever have a serious security problem at such a show. But mid-way through the
night, as the brothers worked through their recent hits to the screaming
teens, Barry said to the audience, "Hey everybody, let's have a party! Come
on down!" That's all it took for 13,000 screaming fans to start heading for
the stage. All I saw was a mass heading in my direction. The partition wall,
nearly 8-inches thick, in front of the stage took a huge impact, starting to
buckle before our eyes. The ushers on the opposite side of the wall were
taking a heavy hit, nearly being crushed by the mob and we had to literally
grab hold of them and pull them over the wall to avoid serious injury.
Fortunately for us, the brothers saw what was occurring below them and asked
the group to ease up, which luckily they did. It was surely one of those
nightmare experiences where everything could've blown up before us and a
good example of just how impressionistic The Bee Gees did become. It is
definitely something I'll always remember and cringe about as to what
could've taken place.


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> > MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (Jan. 12) - Maurice Gibb, a member of the famed disco
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