Dallas Blues History

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Sat Jan 11 17:40:19 EST 2003

Thanks, and yes Willie has a last name, but it took me over a year to get to
him so for just a bit I'm protecting it. It'll be out soon!

> Great news Joanna...btw, does Willie have a last name? When you get around
> to doing your story, you might consider also interviewing Big Al Dupree,
> he's got a great story about the day Lil Son was discovered setting under
> a tree strumming, by some talent scout who was here to checkout the
> bignema talents of the day. Big Al also started playing in Deep Elm appx
> 1936, with the Dallas Dandies, a band that at the time also included Marco
> Washington (T-Bone's stepdad). Talk to Al, he *might be able to furnish
> you a print I saw of that band from back then. I'm glad to see y'all
> exploring the roots, without them, who knows where we would be!
> Anyone who doesn't think race and politics has anything to do
> DIRECTLY with the blues, re-read what happened here in Dallas w/ the
> unions, there's no telling what numbers of blues perfomers we lost to
> that "merging." I know Zuzu related to me that's about the time, and
> reason, he had to give it for good. If you're still not convinced, go talk
> to Willie. He's sounds far more knowledgable about such things than some.
> Not that examing real facts changes much, but it is nice to see some light
> shine into the darker, shameful recesses. chuck

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