Dallas Blues History

BluesSoul8@aol.com BluesSoul8@aol.com
Sat Jan 11 12:59:07 EST 2003

Wanted to share some news. Got to meet the final president (Willie) of the
Federation of Musicians chapter 147 (that many didn't even know existed).
This chapter was in South Dallas and was forced to merge with Chapter 168. No
one on the 147 chapter was allowed on the 168 (White Chapter) board. They
just took their funds and cut them off. Saw the original documents and all
with original signatures. Oh man what a wonderful day and interview. Willie
backed up many a band in the day on sax such as Count Basie, Son Jackson,
Shorty Clemons, Buster Smith and on and on. We're gonna do a story on this
historical blues period and thought many  of you might be interested so
wanted to sharea bit of it. For 80+ years old Willie has a fine mind and
memory of the 'days' when guitarist really played those guitar notes. Oh the
excitement of the blues!

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