Wilbert Longmire Interview

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Thu Jan 9 09:23:17 EST 2003

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003 09:05:37 -0500, Sean Carney <scarney72@hotmail.com>

>Thanks, Chuck!  I got a kick out that, even though I've see it several
>times!  lol  He's right about the age thing - judging from when he first
>recorded for King/Federal on Hank Marr's "Live at The 502" (at age
16!!!! -
>Jonny Lang - hah!), Wil has got to be well into his sixties, but could
>easily pass for forty.
>I cringe when he shows up to sit in because I always get my ass kicked
>royally, but I enjoy every second of trading licks with him
>-Sean Carney

I hear ya Sean, it's probably akin to those old sparring partners of
Cassius Clay or Larry Holmes, what didn't kill 'em only made 'em stronger.
Just remember that when you're up against the ropes, and Wilbert's got an
evil little smirk (that says 'I am really enjoying this') on his face.
He's doing it for your own good!   chuck

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