Atypical Blues CDs I HAVE to Rave Over
Mon Jan 6 03:42:09 EST 2003

Blues CDs I HAVE to Rave Over...

The following are the cream of the crop of the several hundred cds I bought
in the last few months... all are "10s" in my book.  Buy with confidence.  (I
like em all even better than the Precious Bryant.)

1.  Roy Lee Johnson's "When I a guitar Plays The Blues" (Southern Tracks) --
this guy has it all.  Amazing songwriting, guitar style and voice!  He's my
new hero.  This rivals the Little Milton below.

2.  Walter Wolfman Washington "Get On Up" (Charly) -- His best and an
incredibly funky record.  Beyond words how good this is.  Transcends its own
genre.  And I am very critical of Wolfman.

3.  Guitar Gabriel "Music Maker Recordings Vol.1" -- I love this quiet
intimate and BLUE cd.  Heartfelt, sad, and unusual arrangments.

4.  Willie Kent "Coming Alive" (Blue Chicago) -- great sound quality.
Another very good W.K.  New guitarist is exciting.

5.  Byther Smith's "Smitty's Blues" (Black & Tan) --- Man this guy really hit
this one out of the ballpark!  A must-purchase.

6.  Little Milton "Guitar Man" (Malaco) -- Can't rave enough.  Milton made a
record he may NEVER be able to top!

7.  Tampa Red "Keep Jumping 1944-1952" (Wolf) -- Man o Man, If you buy only
ONE Tampa Red this week...!

8.  Little Sonny "Blasting The Blues : Live in Japan" (Pvine) -- If there was
any justice in the world, this cat would be a billionaire.  I'm serious.
Restarting his career is my new objective!

9.  Chick Willis' "From The Heart and Soul" (Rock House) -- His best?  Just
might be.  Don't worry, no synths.   "Oh, yeah-ha-ha... Have you ever se-en a
one-eyed woman crrrry..."

10.  Blues As Big As Texas Volume 2 (Collectables) -- What a great collection
of obscure bluesmen.  Surprisingly good.

Your Blues-L Diva,

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