NBC: Joni Mitchell

Gaile W. LFTB@aol.com
Sun Jan 5 16:08:38 EST 2003


the reveiwer writes:

>>>> When one confronts the really naïve paintings that proliferate in the 
lavish booklet with which these two CD's are packaged — let alone the 
rudimentary "multi-media content" on the one "enhanced audio CD" — one has to 
wonder whether Ms. Mitchell has slid too far into her own world. <<<<

Better her world than his.  When one considers the writings of Ms. Mitchell 
compared to this writer, she far surpasses Mr. Rockwell.  I had to 
doublecheck to remember his name while I have no trouble remembering hers. 

the interviewer also writes:

>>> Ms. Mitchell is 58, and her once-girlish soprano is now a frail and 
unsteady mezzo. <<<<

Oh my gosh!  She's almost 60 now...time to put her out to pasture, for sure.  
Sort of petty for the writer considering that he was able to get the review 
published because it was about Joni.  Sorry folks....the guy sounds like he's 
got a beef about something other than her voice and music.  He sounds 
downright cruel.  But then ... who's going to remember him in the long run?


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