George Jackson

Robert J Dewar
Sun Jan 5 12:01:40 EST 2003

Look at some of the names on this CD: David Hood, Reggie Young, Jimmy
Johnson, Larry Byrom and Clayton Ivey.

In the semi-immortal words of Austin Powers "Yeah, baby!!"

Robert J Dewar

> In a message dated 1/4/3 7:21:30 PM, writes:
> << I finally got a chance to listen to the much-heralded-here Guitar Man
> Little Milton.  What an excellent collection of songs on that CD.  It's
> in the player at this moment.  Several of the songs were written by George
> Jackson--and I wanted to check him out further.  So thanks again, Blues-L,
> for being a wonderful source of blues knowledge, at the exact moment I
> it! >>

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