Hubert Sumlin Is BACK!

Son Lewis
Sat Jan 4 22:54:59 EST 2003

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> Many of you already know that Hubert had a major surgery in New York just
> two
> months ago, to have a lung removed.

Hubert, who now lives here in NJ, stopped by Drumsticks in Clifton to catch
our open jam for the United Jersey Blues Society last month...  He hung out
most of the evening and looked just great.  He told me he can't wait until he
could "get back on the road" with his friends.

Talk about pressure... I mean looking down at the audience and seeing Hubert
watching me nearly froze me and my left hand on the spot.   If it wasn't for
his work on those Howling Wolf sessions on Chess I most likely would have
wound up playing surf music as a kid...and I told him so....:-)

Son Lewis
Blues vocalist/guitarist
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