My Favorite Synth Blues CDs

Ricky Stevens
Fri Jan 3 11:59:23 EST 2003

"Best of Ecko" (Ecko) and "Southern Soul Vols. I and II" (Suzy-Q)

Both are compilations of some of the lesser known Soul-Blues artists.

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Dear Fellow Aging White Males,

Here it is...

MY TOP TWENTY Favorite Synth-Blues CDs (in no particular order):


1.  Ace Of Diamonds (Ace Music) -- various soul blues artists.  Ronnie
Lovejoy, Jesse James, Chuck Strong, Lee Fields.  A great taster of modern
ghetto soul!!!!

2.  Vance Kelly "What Three Old Ladies Can Do" and "Joy Riding in The
(WOlf) -- 2 great records from this soul blues guitar master!

3.  Jimmy "The Preacher" Ellis "Red Hot and Blues" (Kris Records)

4.  Louisiana Guitar Red's "Nobody Knows" (Video Uptown Records) --
underrated, underrated, underrated!!!!!

5. Alvon Johnson's "The Blues Grew Up" (Alvon Records) -- what a strong

6.  Johnny Drummer's "It's So Nice" (Earwig) -- nice stuff, from this lesser
known Chicago artist.  Jimmy Johnson guests on guitar.

7.  Little Sonny "Sonny Side Up" (Sequel) -- It gets no better than this.
Synths and harmonica!!!!!

8.  Dicky Williams' "Full Grown Man" (Ichiban)

9.  Filmore Sims "Its Going To Be My TIme Afterwhile" (Video Uptown) -- this
thing smokes!!!!!  Sparse, un-intonated, brittle guitar licks that sizzle
over a synth band.  Great songwriting, sincere vocal delivery too.  A

10.  Ray Schinnery's "Between You and ME" (self release) -- incredible
singin' and guitar.   A Must!!!!!!!

11.  Jimmie Lee Robinson "Guns, Gangs and Drugs" (Amina) -- He innovated
right up until the end!!!!!

12.  Chick Willis' "Blue Class Blues" (5 Star) -- This is a classic.
Songwriting in a class by it self!!!!!!!

13.  Mississippi Burnin' Blues Vols. 1 and 2 --- incredible, many various

14. Blues Boy Willie "Don't Look Down" (Ichiban) -- His best!!!!!!

15.  William Williams "Gangtra Of Blues" (Video Uptown) -- Amazing record
that will grow on you like there's no tomorrow!!!!!

16.  Jimmy Lewis' "Soul Gasm" (Mardi Gras Records) -- all hail Senator
deliciously cheap and cheesey production value!!!!

17. Evejim's Collector's edition Vol.1 -- various artists... Buddy Ace, Litt
le Joe Blue, Clay Hammond, Jimmy McCracklin etc.  Just buy it!!!!

18. Bobby Rush "One Monkey Don't Stop No Show" -- a pretty good one.

19.  David Dee's "Goin' Fishin'" (Ichiban) - not bad... obscure.  Where is
this guy today??

20.  Big Golden Wheeler "Turn My Life Around" (GW) -- produced and
drum-programmed by Jimmy Johnson.  Grea?, totally obscure, rough around the
edges synth blues.

Now, which ones am I missing?  Any additions??????


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