Who Is The Best, Most Obscure Bluesman You Know???????

chuck n. cnevitt@hotmail.com
Thu Jan 2 02:14:27 EST 2003

The first time I met Pops Carter was back in the late 80s, when the Moeller
Brothers and Paul Size would bring him down from Denton with them, and use
him as their "adult chapperone," as well as singer. None of them were 18 at
the time. I still say that group was the best I've heard him with. I might
have him as a guest on the next show of theirs I arrange, just for old times
(and timers) sake. I only hope to, one day, have the energy Pops does.

>From: "Hank D. Ballenger" <hank.d.ballenger@verizon.net>

>Catching up on some old posts--
>Obscurity plus energetic
> > showmanship gives me 81-year-old vocalist Pops Carter from Denton,
> >
> > NaCl K9
>Used to sit in with Pops and the Funkmonsters back in my college days.  I
>remember one New Year's Eve show at a glorified pizza joint on Hickory
>Street when Pops wanderd off during Stomry Monday, which was supposed to
>ring in the new year.  We played and played and played, and no Pops.  The
>New Year arrived, and no Pops.  Finally Chris (lead
>guitar/bandleader/general right hand) "Thank you, goodnight"ed the song to
>close, and we started tearing down.  Five minutes later, Pops strolls back
>in, ready to go on, claiming he'd had to go help Mrs. Pops out to the car,
>and he 'SAID he'd be right BACK!'  Chris was too irritated, though.  I
>thought it was prety funny.
>Pops released a decent CD some years ago called "Live at Club Dada."  Dunno
>if it's still available anywhere, or if he's put anything else out, but I
>have my copy, and I think I'll give it a spin later.
>Pops was/is famous for showing up at Denton clubs and singing blues with
>anybody who happened to be playing there that night--punk bands, fusion
>bands, college rock--anybody who could play a 12-bar was fine with him.
>Thanks for the nostalgia trip, Salty.  I've got a nasty cold and need to
>think happy thoughts.
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>for it.
>There isn't much in my trade."     Philip Marlowe--The Big Sleep
>Thank you.  Good night.
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