ADMIN:, RE NBC: Apology

Fred Dabney
Wed Jan 1 19:59:20 EST 2003

<<Is PW the self-appointed defender of the decision?  I notice that the list
moms are saying almost nothing on the topic, but he is saying quite a lot.
Personally, I'd rather be reading good-natured messages from Uncle Mike!>>

After much consideration, it's become a policy that administrative
matters in general are not for the public, but rather a subject
that should be between the list owners and the person involved.

First, it should be private.  No one likes to be admonished,
and most like it even less if it's a public matter.

Second, no matter what is said there will be those who
feel a need to chime in and extend a matter seemingly
forever that otherwise can be handled quickly and
quietly. Most on the list have no interest in these
matters anyway, and it can become yet another piece
of extended, boring "NBC" chatter no one benefits
from and has nothing to do with the list topic, either.

Something no one seems to consider is that this is a
private list, not a public one.  The list owners are
spending their own money to support the list.  Netspace
is not donating their services out of a love of the blues
or a sense of charity or public obligation.

That anyone can join, assuming they are willing to follow
the house rules is a private choice.  We could do as one
of the other lists does and place, as a matter of routine
all new members on review for six months or until
the host thinks the member can be trusted.

We've all got a pretty good thing going here.  Some
people get offended at this or that, sure.  I do too.
But considering what the previous situation was, it
is a far cry better.  And it should get better as
the fine-tuning gets done.

Anyone has any comments on this, please take them
off list and email me privately so the rest of the list
doesn't have to slog through more of it.   Please...

Fred D.

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