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Vince Cheney vince@thebluessite.com
Wed Jan 1 02:27:23 EST 2003

I don't remember Blue Stew being that bad of a member. And I don't recall
the list being so moderated either PW. Calm down... don't get mad cause you
can't laugh at his jokes, what's wrong with someone having a good time here?
I didn't know the list was for anything else, but blues fans to get together
and converse. Did we take on some new "moderation rule" lately? Stew did all
that and brought a little fun to it too. Though I get aggregated at some of
the NBC stuff....

Funny that you even replayed to a NBC thread anyway, lighten up!

PS: I do agree w/ PW here about Stews decision, this seams to be his choice
and it appears he is already gone!

Vince Cheney

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> At 02:33 PM 12/31/2002 -0800, Sal Stevens wrote...
> >         I am afraid heavy-handed enforcement of the new AUP will greatly
> > limit
> >discussion toward a true understanding of the blues.
> Boy am I getting so tired of this harangue.  WHAT heavy handed enforcement
> are you actually aware of?  Any?  Do you know wether or not ANYONE has
> suspended or barred from this list since we've moved?  I don't believe you
> do.  Yet you are repeatedly bitching about it.
> No one has EVER been asked to stop talking about how slavery, or civil
> rights, or poverty, or politics relates to the Blues.  ALL they were ever
> asked to do was RELATE IT TO THE BLUES.  You are making an issue out of
> something that never was one.  We are here to talk about the music.  That
> is what the list was created for.  If you want to talk about how poverty,
> racial bias, money and power, had a hand in creating this art form, NO
> including the listowners, will raise a finger to stop you.  Likewise, no
> one would try to stop Blue Stew.  That ain't the issue here.  The issue
> here is that Blue Stew and perhaps others, feel they should be free to
> about anything they want to.  They rationalize how their non-Blues posts
> relate to the Blues, and they rationalize that it's good to have a laugh
> now and then, and they rationalize how the listowners are being heavy
> handed, and stifling free expression, and on, and on, and on.  But the
> bottom line is that they simply don't want to have to conform to anything
> but their OWN DESIRES.  There are folks who are here totally for the
> experience.  Friends to chat with, joke with, argue with, and share any
> thought with.  Those are ALL FINE THINGS TO DO.  However, Blues-L was
> created with a much more specific intent.  Socializing with friends can be
> done anywhere, and any time.  Discussing Blues can't.  There are far too
> few of us.  In my life away from this list, it's not an easy thing to bump
> into someone that's even heard of "T Model Ford", or "Henry Qualls", or
> "Precious Bryant", or "John Hurt".  That's why we gathered here.  Not to
> swap jokes, or talk about recipes, or cats, or beef about the Iraq
> invasion.  Those are things we can do anywhere.  Here is one of the few
> places we have to talk about the damn Blues.
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