Tom Dowd

Dick Waterman
Tue Oct 29 15:15:25 EST 2002

He was a terrific guy to work with and we made an album together that turned
out to be a mishmash of unrealized potential.

Eric Clapton said that he would produce a Buddy Guy and Junior Wells album
after jamming with them onstage in Paris when they were opening for The
Rolling Stones in 1970.

So we gathered at Criterion Studio in North Miami Beach. In the booth were -
ahem - Mister Clapton himself, Atlantic founder/president Ahmet Erturgen.
Atlantic cofounder and resident genius Jerry Wexler, the incredibly respected
Tom Dowd and also Ron Alpert as engineer. Lots of chiefs, not too many braves.

Buddy and Junior noodled around for several days until I said, "No disrespect
meant but you guys are spending a ton of money to make what Delmark Records
would do for $1500.00."

So they looked at Eric and said "YOU go in there and kick a little butt to
get this thing energized. After all, it was YOUR idea to do this."

Eric was not about to be stern and bring discipline with his idols so he
ended up playing a little rhythm guitar here and there.

The tapes went back to England with Eric (then deep into his druggie days)
for a while and then traveled in Ahmet's briefcase for another year or more.
I finally brought them to Boston and took them into a studio where Peter Wolf
(of the J. Geils Band) produced the final songs needed to get it completed.

It finally limped out onto the market about 1974, long after the buzz was

Dick Waterman

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