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<< Just got Johnny Adams "absolutely the best" on Fuel 2000.  Has alot of his
early stuff remastered really fine.  Someone spent some quality time on this
project.  Killer versions of "I can't be all bad", "southside of soul
street", "Release Me" all the tunes are just super.

 Johnny is one of my favorite singers >>

Johnny Adams is the Aretha Franklin of male vocalists.Smooth, smooth,
smooth...... I had never seen Johnny til a few years ago. I went to the HOB
in NO during Jazzfest and the man was indeed the Tan Canary. When he did Room
With A View Of The Blues, I cried....damn, what a beautiful voice:) Whenever
I get to NO I would RUN to where ever he was, sit down, and be transported to
another time, another place. RIP Johnny.

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