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Christopher Burger cburger3001@YAHOO.COM
Thu Oct 17 10:52:03 EDT 2002

**** Small iota of blues content********

Nope , there are no sour grapes here. You may have missed the spirit of
what I was saying. I may be a spoiled Yankee fan, but I do think it's good
for baseball to have other teams in the mix - and yes, to do something
about the economics of the game one day. I'm disappointed that it's an all-
California series, as having St. Louie in there might have been more
interesting - the Cards have a great heritage, too. The Angels may
be "Cinder-Fella" but then I'm biased against "new" teams like the
Mariners ...or the Pilots, for that matter. But I suppose they earned it.

Anyway, I was merely pointing out that it is quite apparent that the San
Francisco Giants should be viewed as the relatively-young team they are,
given the bitter feelings left among Giant and Dodger fans when both teams
headed west in late fifties. Rightfully, they should have changed their
names. Los Angeles (Trolley) Dodgers, anyone?

As someone reminded me off-list, Mays, Marichial and McCovey quickly gave
the team a new(er) heritage, so San Francisco has certainly made its mark.
But as for the ill-will or non-allegiance of (former) Giant fans (most now
senior citizens, admittedly), I can't make this up.

What I was saying about the Mets and original Giants is factually-accurate.
Not only did the Mets inherit the National League-fan base of NYers who
formerly rooted for the Dodgers and Giants (and bitterly hated the Yanks,
by the way), but the Mets' uniforms were a literally a blend of both teams'
old uniforms, especially the old New York Giants, from the
interlocking "NY" on the caps, to the "New York" on the away uniforms.

Having just gotten around to renting Ken Burns' mult-part documentary
called "Baseball" (see it this winter if you haven't), I was reminded how
much the old NY Giants looked like Mets, especially in black & white.

Incidentally, this isn't quite blues content, but this 1994 documentary
does do a terrific job of covering the old "Negro leagues" and putting the
pastime in context, with issues of Jim Crow and racism - and yes, blues and
jazz, which often is on the soundtrack.

But anyway, yes, I will be watching the World Series as a baseball fan. The
Yankees are taking a well-deserved rest.

-Chris Burger
 Boston (ex-pat NYer)

On Wed, 16 Oct 2002 06:37:44 -0500, bluesfantom <bluesfantom@sisna.com>

>Chris, this is not meant to be a flame, but you wrote:
>> I'm glad you're happy, Steve, but even as a life-long Yankee fan, I have
>> say that the Giants really severed their relationship to the old N.Y.
>> when they blew out of the Polo Grounds over four decades ago.
>Whoa.  Sounds like sour grapes to me.  I think most of us around the
>are relieved neither the Braves or Yankees are in it.  Best teams money can
>buy are watching from the stands.  Good.
>> San Francisco is a team that still in search of a real heritage. Maybe
>> is a start for them.
>Nonsense.  Still sounds like sour grapes to me.
>> I'm not a fan, but it's the Mets who directly carry that Giant heritage,
>> right down to their uniforms....
>So where would you place the Dodgers in the scheme of NY things?  Me, I
>adore baseball as a game.  It's good to see someone of Barry Bonds talent
>the Series (memories of Ted Williams on this one), just as it's good to see
>Gene Autry's team get on top of the heap.  What's more enjoyable is to see
>to old Dodgers manage against each other.  I'm sure this isn't lost on an
>old Dodger fan named John Lee Hooker (well, had to toss in some blues
>content somehow), who must surely be smiling down on all this.  What I
>most folks forgot in all this is that the AL West had three contenders
>brawling all season long.  Among the lowest payrolls made the playoffs by
>winning the toughest division: Oakland.  Most folks already seem to have
>forgotten the Mariners won 90+ games and still didn't get into the
>My guess is the Angels will win it (and I have a cousin who works in the
>Giants organization).  I look forward to a wonderful series.
>A Mariners fan

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