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Cooool lookin' guitfiddle that Henry is plunkin' on there!  What is it,
HashB probably knows?  Mike
PS, tell Henry that Mike Nesmith of the MONKEES called...he wants his hat

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I caught Henry Qualls and Hash Brown's performance at the King Biscuit and
I was extremely impressed with Hash's support of Henry, and I'm glad I got
the opportunity later to tell him so.  He selflessly provided rock solid
support in a situation where that was no small accomplishment.  Henry is
unencumbered by the rules that normally govern musical performance, and
Hash did everything in his power to support, encourage, and to make him
look as good as possible.  You could not want more in a sideman.  I can't
praise him enough.

Anyway,  I think I captured that loving relationship in one of the hundreds
of photos I took over the weekend.  You can take a peek at it at...


I've got a whole lot more pictures to share, but I haven't had time, since
I got back, to shrink them down to a size that's practical for the web.

P.W. Fenton
Tampa, FL

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