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<<This only to explain my reaction :

LA jones wrote : (snip)


Actually in hindsight I see where your reactionary post comes from.
I know LA to be an accomplished musician and friend, he has alot of
experience under his belt, and the same for Jim Wells. I would have to say
by my experience though, that there are alot of great foreign blues bands,
and not just in europe proper. I would also have to say that it is still hard
for them to make a living, even the best ones. Even the best ones coming over
here have a hard time of it. Every time I have been to europe I have been
very well. That is not to say that there are not bad european promoters, just
I have not had to deal with them as of yet. BTW, I will be at King Bisquit
this friday with Henry Qualls(lockwood stage-5:30pm) and I will be in europe
with Lee McBee and the Passions in the month of November.

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