Chris Thomas King: Dirty South Hip-Hop Blues CD

Fri Oct 4 11:04:57 EDT 2002

Chris Thomas King is from Baton Rouge. His father is Tabby Thomas, who is
presently in the hospital from a car accident. Chris added the "King" to his
name, not much to his dad's liking, but that "King" name is certainly
steeped in tradition. When Chris is home, he always sits in at his dad's
club "Tabby's Blues Box" in BR. Very nice unassuming guy, almost shy, and
can play any style of music. His "21st Century" was long in the disliking,
and now seems to be hitting more since O Brother and Tommy Johnson.
hoodoojimmy (playing tonight with Lil' Ray Neal, and writing a review of Keb
Mo at HOB tomorrow night.)
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> > But lo and behold,  after wading through some uninteresting (imho)
> > tracks------I locked on to the tune "Revelations" with elements of Son
> > House
> > doing John The Revelator mixed with Chris Thomas King on vocals and
> > instrumentation.  Damn tasty, indeed!   Following that is another winner
> > titled "Ghetto Life" with others including "Dirty South Chicken Heads"
> > "Southern Chicks Blues" as well.
> >
> >
> I met and saw Chris do a solo acoustic set in Ft. Smith blues festival a
> couple three years back...he did mostly blues and was well received after
> show.  I went over and introduced myself.  He was a very cordial mild
> mannered young fellow who invited me to email him, which i did later and
> even answered.  As i recall Chris' roots are steeped in Blues tradition
> if i have my facts straight (it's been a few years now) he said his dad
had a
> club in Louisiana and there were always blues guys around the house, i
> believe he mentioned Gatemouth Brown as a close family friend.
> Personally too i kinda wish Chris would stay with the blues, (but then i'm
> old fogey) and leave the hip-hop to the side.  He is aware that his "2001"
> blues music is controversial and not well received in the blues community
> i figure it's and artistic thing and the nature of popular music and the
> tradition of the blues is that it changes and adapts to the times.  So go
> Chris and use that "artistic license" to take us places no one has dared
> go before, but remember us "old fogeys" and do a couple tunes for us now
> again.  And remember you're welcome to "come on home" (to the blues) any
> you're ready.
> chefo
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