What do these three things have in common?

Terry Odor tlo2@hotmail.com
Thu Oct 3 00:35:15 EDT 2002

The East side Music Millennium has the best blues section
but if you go to the West side branch they do have free live
music almost every day, sometimes several times a day.  If an
artist is playing in town they do a set there for free to drum
up interest in their show.  I've seen many performances there
this summer that were great.

Terry Odor

>From: gonerocket@ispwest.com
>   Sorry but there's just no way I can agree with this.
>   In all the years I've been buying CD's, Records, Books & whatever else.
>(most of those purchases made in the last ten 'internet' years) I've
>probably purchased lest than 30 online. There are several BIG advantages to
>purchasing things in person at your local shops.
>   First of all - when I buy something, I don't want to sit around waiting
>for it to show up. If I'm out shopping for new records and CD's I want to
>go straight home from the shop and 'play' with my new toys!
>   Second - and more importantly - is the guidance of the retailer. Making
>frequent visits to many of the indie shops in here in Portland... the
>owners and employees come to know exactly what it is I'm interested in. You
>also get the luxury of explaining exactly what it is you're seeking at that
>particular moment.... "hey I recently purchased such and such and such from
>you and I really dug tracks blah, blah, blah - what else have you got
>that's along those lines?" There's some very helpful and informative folks
>at the E side Music Millennium... the owner of Green Noise has puts
>extremely informative notes on nearly every item in his store - explaining
>exactly what it is you'll find on them... need a better idea take a few
>prospective purchases up to the counter he'll run through the pros and cons
>of each! Jackpot is another phenomenal indie in town with very helpful and
>informative staff. Crossroads, Second Avenue, and Reverb are other great
>Portland shops that weren't mentioned.
>   Third - Don't want to take their word for it... or too 'cool' to 'ask
>directions' --- many of todays records/cd retailers have listening stations
>where you can take a little time and preview the whole album - decide if
>it's really what your after, and make your own informed decisions!
>   Lastly - no shipping charges
>   The only time I turn to the internet is if after visiting the local
>shops I still fell I haven't found what I'm looking for - or maybe I
>did...but they just didn't have it in stock. Then I'll go looking online.
>   BTW - none of the shops I mentioned from here in Portland have coffee
>shops, snacks, or a 'scene, and rarely live music if at all'. Just great
>records and CDs - exactly how I like it!
>   Brian PM - Portland OR USA (Keeping it local)
>   PS - other great Indie Record Shops out there I recommend
>   House of Records - Eugene, OR USA
>   Waxtrax - Denver, CO USA
>   Goofin Records - Helsinki, Finland
>   House of Oldies - Stockholm, Sweden
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