NBC: Rock Bass Player Dead

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"The Who" John Entwistle-bassist death has been all over the news here.  >From the article, he died in his room at the Hard Rock Hotel as they were "scheduled to begin their...tour in a small club at the hotel."  (Locally, the jokes have already started to fly about when a rocker dies at the Hard Rock -- but I won't repeat them).

FYI:  That "small club at the hotel" is called "The Joint" and when they have a blues act there (which is not often enough!), I highly recommend it.  Great room, great sound, and every seat's a good seat!  

Last performance I caught there was an Al Green concert.  No, wait, I think it was a Joe Cocker concert. Hmm, not sure now.  Either way, the Joint gets two thumbs (or two blues notes) up.  

BTW, Joe Cocker's ol' raspy voice, backup singers & great band gave a fantastic performance!  As always, he brought the house down with "You Can Leave Your Hat On."  The piano & sax were definitely doin' it!!
Al Green gave ... how do I put this politely ... a so-so performance, expected the crowd to sing his songs for him, forgot some of the lyrics when he finally sang on his own, and spent too much time chastising the band (I hated that part!)

Bye all -- Going to see Kenny Neal at Boulder tonight, 8-11pm.
Zeller Dom is in town, but he can't make it (schedule conflicts).

-- Gypsy
Dang, I sure rattled on!

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