Johnny Cash

Bill Kolter bkolter@KCONLINE.COM
Wed Jun 26 22:48:51 EDT 2002

Thanks for the response.  I'm not the funny guy, and I'm not joking.  I
really don't like Johnny Cash's music. I can understand how the appeal of
simple, real-life stories told from the heart can be appealing.  Indeed,
that's what the blues is all about.  Just don't like the way he does it.
I find his voice and songs dull, and that shuffling I-V-I-V bass line
annoying.  If this were a debate I'm sure I would lose.  But it's not. My
opinion, for better or worse.  I expected that most would disagree, and I
have apologized for my unfortunate use of the word "crap" which was
clearly too strong for this very cordial list. Anyway, enough said about
my opinion about Johnny Cash.  It's relevant only to me, anyway.

> From:
> Bill Kolter
> Subject: Re: Johnny Cash
> "At the risk of raising the ire of all who read this....Johnny Cash's
> genre can be summed up in one simple word: crap. Whoever made this guy
> an icon should be beaten with a skillet.
> Bill Kolter"
> Is that Bill Kolter or Ben Colder?  I know the Johnny Cash comment had
> to be an attempt at humor.  Nah--Ben Colder is funny. I'm afraid this
> boy's gonna wear out his arm and a train load of skillets  before he
> runs out of icon makers.  Johnny Cash writes and sings about life in a
> way that anyone who listens to the words can't miss.  Simple words and
> simple music to express complex truths.
> Ricky Stevens
> Arkabutla, Mississippi
> "Somebody's got to be Jethro,  Somebody's got to be Jed Clampett." -Duff
> Durrough

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