Southland Blues Magazine, was: Re: Blues in Vegas and LA?

Dave Morefield
Tue Jun 18 13:47:09 EDT 2002

The recent demise of Blues Access magazine has reminded me of the need to support
those things that one likes and not to take for granted that they will always be
around.  Now to the best of my knowledge Southland Blues is thriving.

That's even more reason to express my gratitude to publisher Dan Jacobson, his staff,
Southland Blues advertisers (which even included my band during our last couple of
years together), and -- here's the important part -- my fellow SUBSCRIBERS!!

Sure, you can pick it up for free at entertainment spots from Santa Monica to
Huntington Beach and beyond.  Heck, sometimes I see it at McCabe's or Perqs before
the USPS gets around to delivering my paid copy; I don't care.  When it comes to
selling ads, there's nothing like a large number of people who actually subscribe; a
prospective advertiser knows that subscribers take the contents seriously.  (Or as
Don McLean once sang, "The more you pay, the more it's worth".)

Even blues fans outside the SoCal area would enjoy Southland Blues's reviews of CD's
and live performances, feature articles on local and touring artists, and even a
recent instructional series on playing harp by IronMan, himself.  Just as a test, I
dare you to go to the website  and see whether you can
resist subscribing.  (Gee, are they still offering those fine T-shirts, as an

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

Retiree, Dog-Lover, Musician, Whiskey-Drinker

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Can't help with Vegas, but I'm with Southland Blues magazine and can help
with LA, San Diego, and surrounding areas.  Drop me a note close to July 1st
and let me know your schedule, and where exactly you'll be.


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