Criticism: was Re: Who Has The Worst Guitar Tone In Blues????

Walter Potter maxdog@RAVEN.UNR2.NET
Thu Jun 6 08:55:26 EDT 2002

I agree with PW with one addition, it helps to keep an open mind and to
occasionally try to see what others see. There are several recordings that
didn't appeal to me when I first heard them but that I have later come to

At 08:25 AM 6/6/2002 -0400, P.W. Fenton wrote:
>At the heart of this criticism controversy is a tendency by many folks to
>with the music they prefer.  If someone puts that music down, even if the
>act is as innocent as
>simply saying "I don't care for that music", it is perceived as a put down
>of the person who likes
>By saying that you are NOT upset when others don't agree with your tastes
>you show you are not
>part of that tendency.  I think it also shows you are secure in your
>beliefs, and don't seek, or
>need, confirmation from others.  Traits that are in short supply, I'd say.
>Criticism, favorable and un-favorable, has value though.  If you read
>someone's remarks often
>enough, you begin to get a feel for how that person's tastes compare to
>your own.  You then get
>a better idea of how YOU might feel about that same bit of music (film,
>book, or whatever).
>There are some folks on this list who's musical endorsement tells me that
>I probably wouldn't like
>the performer they are talking about.  On the other hand, there are people
>who's tastes run quite
>similar to mine, who's endorsement might send me straight to the record store.
>Opinions don't change me, don't hurt me, or provide ego support, they
>simply help me decide if
>I'm interested in spending my time checking something out new to me.

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