blues in seattle - Is This Some Kind Of Joke????

John Widell jwidell@HALLZW.COM
Fri Mar 30 12:15:04 EST 2001

About ten years ago, I had to go the Chicago on business every month for six
months.  I went to blues clubs every time I was there.  I suspect that
experience helped plant the seeds of my current love affair with blues

Chicago is unquestionably right up there with the Clarksdale, West Helena,
and Memphis as a blues homeland.  I'm sure Chicago's central location and
access to trains and eventually flights to everywhere helped make the music
of the Mississippi Delta into the music of America and beyond.

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I have a festival program from the Oregon Waterfront Fest from a few years
ago.  It looks like they had a lot of decent talent up there.  But Chicago
still has more name acts playing on any random Saturday night than all the
acts that were on that weekend festival.

I'm not boasting.  I don't even live in Chicago any more.  I'm just stating
the facts.


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