BLUES-L Digest - 28 Mar 2001 to 29 Mar 2001 (#2001-89)

Richard J. Skelly
Fri Mar 30 00:19:08 EST 2001

Gentlemen/Ladies:  Having traveled around a bit to New Orleans (12 weeks in
the last four years) Austin (21 weeks in the last seven years) and Chicago
(one week in the last year) I have to agree with my longtime friend, NY blues
impresario Buddy Fox, who told me some time ago, "The best blues bands right
now are coming out of three cities: Boston, Austin and New York."
   New Orleans is getting hot for blues again, with great people like Kipori
"Baby Wolf" Woods on the scene.
   Without knocking the wonders of Chicago, especially during the four days
of BluesFest there, I think Buddy is basically correct in his assessment on
the state of the blues.


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