Toni Lynn Washington Hackettstown NJ 3/29

Skylands Blues Society skylandsblues@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 28 16:04:43 EST 2001

Friends of the blues in the Skylands region:

It isn't often that we have the potential to have a new blues venue come
into being in our neck of the woods.

Please support this effort by going to see Toni Lynn Washington this
Thursday, 3/29 at the Mine Brook Country Club in Hackettstown. If this works
out, we may get to see other great blues acts there!

>From: Duane Chez <>
>To: Duane Chez <>
>Subject: Toni Lynn Washington/the Blues Caravan
>Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 11:25:36 -0500
>March 29  2001
>8:00 pm
>$10.00 admission
>The Palmer Room @ The Mine Brook Country Club
>(formerly The Nook)
>500 Schooley's Mountain Rd.
>Hackettstown, NJ
>The Blues Caravan  --  8:00 PM
>featuring Gar Francis, Duane Chez, Tweed Schade, Lynn Johnson, TJ
>Jim Bolzan
>Toni Lynn Washington -- 9:00PM
>great night of blues with the Caravan  and the powerful soul blues
>stylings of Toni Lynn...

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