Rediscovering Maria Muldaur

Steve Hoffman steve@GOODNOTE.COM
Mon Mar 26 00:31:10 EST 2001

Maria Muldaur excels at this type of music (1920s & 30s blues). She used to
sing tunes from this period (with Geoff Muldaur, under her maiden name Maria
D'Amato) back in her Jim Kweskin Jug Band Days -- used to love her take on
tunes from that era......!

Steve Hoffman

Richard Flohil wrote:

> After ranting on about shameless self-promotion, I feel a bit nervous about
> telling folks about the new Maria Muldaur album, which will be released
> soon in the United States, and a bit after that in various other
> territories around then world.  This is a serious blues album, and probably
> one of the very best of the 25 records she's released in her long and
> distinguished career
>         Maria's gonna be saddled with "Midnight at the Oasis" for ever, but
> if that was your last time with her, her new one on Stony Plain is going to
> be a big surprise.  "Richland Woman Blues" is a collection of acoustic
> blues material first recorded by artists from the 20's and 30s (Memphis
> Minnie and Bessie Smith included) performed with an impressive list of folk
> to help - Bonnie Raitt, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Taj Mahal, Ernie Hawkins
> (where's this guy been; he's amazing!), Roy Rogers, Dave Matthews on piano,
> Amos Garrett (who did the Midnight at the Oasis guitar solo all those years
> ago), Tracy Nelson, Angrela Strehli and more.
>         It's been out a couple of weeks up here in Canada (well, Stony
> Plain IS a Canadian label), and the response from writers and blues/roots
> radio people has been ecstatic. It'll be out in the U.S. April 6, and I'm
> almost prepared to offer a money-back-if-you-hate it guarantee!
>         Jerry Wexler told me the other day that he thinks Muldaur is "the
> best singer in her genre," which was, he added, his "politically correct
> way of saying she's the best white chick singer around." (I hate to
> name-drop so baldly, but we were discussing the message he's writing for
> Stony Plain's 25th anniversary 2CD set, due in the U.S. in May, for which I
> wrote copious sleeve notes).
>         That Maria never made the money that her friends Bonnie Raitt and
> Linda Ronstadt did is neither here nor there - but it's sorta sad that
> she's still schlepping around America in a van with a bunch of guys.  The
> guys, incidentally, include Freebo from Bonnie's heyday, and the
> aforementioned Ernie Hawkins, who learned everything he knows from the Rev.
> Gary Davis. Need one say more?
>         If she tours in your town (she's in Toronto April 11, and Windsor,
> Ontario, on the 10th) please don't miss her.
> Cheers,
> Richard
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