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Almost, and I say almost, as distasteful as PUBLISHING AMOUNTS you've given
to non-profit orgs. Careful, I'd hate to see you injure your arm patting
yourself on the back in public. Besides, watching a one-arm actor try to
play the blues would be just too painful. btw, i mean this in the same
friendly good-guy spirit that you were obviously in when you wrote:

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>In a classic case of Internet scholarship we have public allegation that
>Eric Clapton has ripped off Freddie King.  This in turn wonders about
>whether or not anyone will go after Clapton like they went after
>Napster.  The basis of all this?  One person HEARD a cut from Clapton's new
>album ("Got You On My Mind") and thought it sounded like Freddy King's
>"Walking By Myself", and went on to say... "Clapton doesn't need to do
>this. I'm disappointed in him."
>Never mind that Clapton didn't write the tune, and doesn't claim to
>have.  Never mind that the tune was written by Howard Biggs & Joe Thomas
>and has been previously recorded by people like Piano Red, The Big Three
>Trio,  and Big Joe Turner.  Never mind that "Walking By Myself" wasn't even
>written by Freddie King but was written by James A. Lane (a.k.a. Jimmy
>None of that is important.
>The rules of Internet Scholarship dictate that if we have a keyboard and a
>connection to the Internet, we've got a right to tell the world what we
>know... even if we make it up out of thin air.
>I quote Mr. Augustine...
>>Copyright infringement? There's a term I've been hearing a lot recently. I
>>wonder if the RIAA will pursue Mr. Clapton with the same zeal it has
>>towards the Napster crowd.
>>In fact, though I don't know the precise legal definitions, I would
>>this to be more a case of plagiarism than copyright infringement. He stole
>>damn melody of Walking by Myself and used it for his own song.
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