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bluesfantom bluesfantom@sisna.com
Sat Mar 17 20:37:12 EST 2001

  Pete wrote:

  This is not a big deal, nor is it rocket science, but I won't stand corrected on this one.  I still say you gotta play it with a minor in the V position if you want it to sound like the Kingsmen's orginal; it unlocks the song's personality.  I guy turned me on to that back in '66.  And even a beginner should know a minor chord from a major.

  Does this mean your drummer has to screw it up during the guitar break?  You miss the point.  The Kingsmen's version is glorious simply because it is imperfect and anyone can do it.  If you want perfect, check out Paul Revere & the Raiders version, cut one week before the Kingsmen, in the same studio.  For my money, the Wailers version captures the essence of it.  For the best reproduction of the Richard Berry original, and the very first cover of it in the northwest, check out Little Bill's.  No, don't be so retentive as to insist upon perfection where imperfection is better.  To me that's why I would prefer Booba Barnes, or Willie King over much that's coming out these days.
  The Kingsmen's version of this tune is one of my list of all-time favorites, which also includes things as diverse Coryell, Mahavishnu, Scott Henderson, and Otis Rush.  There are a "crap load" of 3-chord 1-4-5 blues songs out there too, but anyone who loves the blues would agree that this does not justify treating each of them as interchangeable.  It is the nuance and variety of approach that makes relatively simple forms like blues or certain styles of rock maintain a certain degree of freshness even to experienced ears.  Would you hire a guy to play in a blues band if he said "yeah I can play all that $%%$^  - it's all the same 3 chords?

  If he can get the groove, yeah, sure.  Better if he can play one chord and not insist on more.  Give me the groove and we can party all night, regardless of the caliber...


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