NBC: Fw: Post-Napster era

Fred Dabney fdabney@nmsu.edu
Fri Mar 16 15:18:41 EST 2001

> << (P2P is the acronym for "peer to peer" which is used by the
>  industry for services like Napster) >>
> Seems to me that calling it "peer to peer" is a way of sanitizing
the process
> by which a criminal enabler like Napster can distance themselves
from the
> crime....  Kind of puts all the onus on the user of the service
and none on
> the service.

Nothing to do with the matter.  "P2P" is a bit of industry jargon
for services where a client and a  business or two clients are
able to communicate directly with one another.  What the service
is is totally irrelevant.

Fred D.

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