Favorite Black/white duet

Fred Dabney fdabney@nmsu.edu
Wed Mar 14 19:45:13 EST 2001

> Someone asked me what was my favorite black/white blues duet (just
a question)
> The only one I could think of is Johnny Winter/Muddy I don't think
he actually
> meant vocal duets..Heck I can't even think of too many...Joe
Beard/Ronnie Earl
> Big Walter/Ronnie Earl...I don't know of many that stick out

Try the Eddie Lang and Lonnie Johnson duets.  When issued, Eddie
Lang was hidden behind a "nom du disque" of "Blind Willie Dunn".
The folklore has it that Eddie, a very well known musician was
disguised in fear that the target audience wouldn't buy the
records if his name was on the label.

These are almost perfect recordings.  Done the way records used
to be made- in real time with no futzing around to fix things,
Lonnie later remembered them as his favorite recordings.  He is
quoted as saying "We just went into the studios, sat down and
started playing."  "He didn't try to tell me what to do or
anything"  I'm not sure, but I think all or at least most
were done in one take as well.

Fred D.

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