L.A. Jones
Tue Mar 13 10:50:15 EST 2001

At 04:45 AM 3/9/01 +0000, Ralph Parker wrote:

>L.A. Jones lets his guitar do the talkin'.  No slash and burn. It's just the
>Real Fire burnin' within the Body & Soul of L.A. Jones.  It's in Him, and it
>has to come out. On "Live At The Pink Panther",  He flat-out ---Boogies
>Chillen!  This is a Great Live CD!
>DJ's listen up----if you don't have this CD.  Get it!
>It will get some heavy airplay on Blues Rocket !
>It's a Solid Groove !  His Best.

Thanks for the support Ralph. Much appreciated. Got a couple cuts from that
CD up on my MP3 site in addition to a couple from the upcoming DVD

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