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<< What do our kids get these days?  Pretty much just music from the
(corporation- controlled) market place.  Most are mere consumers of music
products.  As for blues, most live blues is completely inaccessible to young
people under 21.  >>

True story, and hopefully can be validated by some Poconos Blues Festival
veterans... I have been going there since about 1995... well back then I
noticed three young ladies (maybe about 10 or 11) that just wandered back and
forth  between the stages looking bored to tears (obviously Mom and/or Dad
was having a great time somewhere with the music...)  I think someone refered
to them as "The Pidgeon Sisters" because of their decidedly 1968 Retro Summer
of Love style of hippie garb.

Well, as the years went by, I kept noticing these same three young ladies as
they got a bit older... it seems the festival is a regular summer occassion
for them.  Well, last year I remember talking to a dude in a guitar booth as
they wandered by... This time they were in a bit of a hurry, and I overheard
one of the say <something to the effect of>  "come on, I do NOT want to miss
Eddy Clearwater... like he is so awesome."  Well, maybe it took a couple of
years of force feeding, but it seems like kids today CAN and WILL find their
way to appreciating good Blues if we can find a way to get it to their ears
in an environment where they can be receptive.

Son Lewis
Blues Vocalist/Guitarist
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